Alabama Biblical Arts Museum

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Support the Arts

The Museum's founder, Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman, envisioned a universal art collection that would inspire the world. The Alabama Biblical Arts Museum has been nourished by the steadfast support of an enlightened nation and the generosity of visionary individuals. This unique partnership sustains the highest standards of excellence, establishing the Museum as a lively and welcoming public space, as well as offering a haven for personal and private encounters with art. The Museum changes the lives of millions of visitors, one person at a time.

We are grateful to all individuals, foundations, and corporations who help the Museum fulfill its mission to acquire, exhibit, preserve, and interpret works of art. Private donors embody the spirit and sustain the legacy of Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman.

The Museum offers many opportunities to become involved. The categories listed illustrate ways of giving and describe the special access and benefits donors receive for their support. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in developing a giving plan that meets your interests, and we invite you to contact us with questions or comments.