Alabama Biblical Arts Museum

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Private donations, in any amount, help sustain the Museum's standard of excellence envisioned by our founder, Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman, when he created the Alabama Biblical Arts Museum.  His generous philanthropy and dedication to the preservation of the arts inspires other benefactors to contribute their collections and private resources to the arts.  Major gifts, often made over several years or through estate gifts, allow the Museum to acquire works of art, present special exhibitions, increase educational outreach, and carry on scholarly research.  Donors of these gifts— which may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose— are recognized at Museum events and in publications.  Below you will find a list of just some of the ways major giving helps support Alabama Biblical Arts Museum.


General Support

Unrestricted gifts— those with no conditions on the use of donated funds— help the Gallery in many significant ways. Unrestricted spendable gifts enable the Gallery to meet immediate needs and help build a secure funding resource for the future.


Major donors have helped the Museum host special public exhibitions on subjects ranging from Queen Vashti to Lazarus. Individuals or foundations may sponsor an exhibition with other donors. Those who sponsor receive a variety of benefits and are recognized in various ways that acknowledge their support. 

Art Acquisition

While the Museum is home to many renowned masterpieces, significant gaps in the collection remain, generating the need to increase and improve the Museum's holdings.  Every work of art in the collection is the result of private philanthropy, and the Gallery looks to its major donors to help maintain the high quality of the collection by making gifts for the acquisition of art. Those who do so receive a variety of benefits and are recognized in various ways that honor their commitment.


The Museum has many program areas in which donors may invest. Designating gifts to support specific programs, such as educational outreach activities, help further the Museum's mission.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on a giving plan that meets your needs.  Simply fill in the form below for a personalized giving plan.